Professor Lou Yongli has been invited as one of plenary speakers

Time: 2023-01-08

Lou Yongli, Professor
Lou Yongli, Deputy Chief Physician, M.D., Master Tutor
Director of Neurospine Surgery/Pediatric Surgery (Syringomyelia) at Zhengzhou Central Hospital Affiliated to Zhengzhou University
Member of the Standing Committee of the 17th People's Representatives, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City
Member of Brain Tumor Hyperthermia Committee, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association
Youth Member of Spine and Spinal Cord Committee, Chinese Research Hospital Association
Member of Spinal Deformity Correction Committee, Henan Spinal Cord Injury Society
Member of Surgeon Branch of Henan Medical Doctor Association

Professor Lou presided over 7 research projects, including national level and provincial level. He won the second prize of the Science and Technology Achievement Award of Henan Provincial Department of Education, and the third prize of Henan Medical Science and Technology Award. He has published more than 20 academic papers.

Research Area: Professor Lou is experienced in the basic and clinical research on various types of syringomyelia, tethered cord syndrome, craniocervical junctional malformations, and cerebrospinal fluid dynamics. He is good at all kinds of syringomyelia, Chiari malformation, atlantoaxial (sub)luxation, skull base depression, tethered cord syndrome, congenital spina bifida, meningocele, sacral cyst, (spine) spinal cord tumor, spinal cord Arachnoid adhesions, hydrocephalus, neuropathic pain (integrated, stepwise treatment), congenital structural deformities in children, nerve repair, neuromodulation, diagnosis of spinal cord trauma and degenerative diseases (such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis), (minimally invasive surgery) treatment and rehabilitation maintenance.