Professor Liu Yong has been invited as one of plenary speakers

Time: 2023-02-09

Liu Yong, Professor
Liu Yong, Professor, Master Tutor
Founder of Syringomyelia Specialty (2006)
Chief Physician of Neurosurgery
Founder of the earliest syringomyelia website (2001)
Director of the Syringomyelia Specialist Center
Member of Spine Cord Professional Group of Neurosurgery Branch, Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Professor Liu is the CEO of Huihe Medical Group, a consortium of neuro spinal experts in China, also President of Beijing Kirui Sirun Medical Research Institute. He served as director of the Syringomyelia Specialist Center of Yuquan Hospital Affiliated to Tsinghua University. He is consultant specialist and chief expert in many Chinese hospitals in Beijing and Zhengzhou.

Research Area: Professor Liu specialized in the basic and clinical treatment of cerebral and spinal cord diseases in the craniocervical junction area, such as minimally invasive surgery of syringomyelia and Arnold–Chiari.